I Might Be a fake Cultivator

I Might Be a fake Cultivator Manga

Alternative: 我修的可能是假仙
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Author(s): Frost in the moonlight
Genre: Action, Fantasy, Comedy, Martial Arts,
Status: Ongoing
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I Might Be a fake Cultivator Content

  Why does the moon goddess sing so loudly in the middle of the night? Why do the 7 ladies make off with the forbidden fruits? Why do all kinds of mythological beasts unceasingly suffer at the hands of malignant agents? And what does lie hidden at the rear of the hundreds of immortal daoists dancing in the square? At the root of it all, is it that the immortals have gone mad or their morality has withered away? Let us follow this manhua, and enter Anlin's imaginary immortal world, to start on this journey of exploration and discovery!

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